What are PPC campaign ad extensions?

Have you ever searched Google for something and then a gigantic ad filled with extra links and other valuable information about a company takes up the top of the page, while other ads are just a couple of lines of text with a link? When I first saw them I barely noticed the “ad” indicator. I thought Google was just showing me super useful details of a site that had the information, product, or service for which I was searching. Turns out Google had nothing to do with it. That extra information and links part of a Google ad extension put there by the company running the ad!

Google ad extensions are an effective way to increase campaign performance and bring in more customers for a given budget. So, how can you set up ad extensions and what are the different extensions you should consider?

How to create ad extensions:

Within Google adwords click on the Google ads and extensions tab on the left. Once there you’ll be able to toggle between Google’s ads and ad extensions on the top. Then simply press the blue circular plus button to create your first ad extension.

What types of Google ad extensions are there?

Sitelink extensions allow you to create separate headlines and descriptions for various important pages on your site. The extension make it possible to offer multiple services or direct people to landing pages or other specific locations.

Best practices for sitelink extensions is to create and run 4 at a time.

Callout extensions allow you to highlight a few different product differentiators or selling points for your business. So if you offer free shipping or have some other benefit that you want to call out beyond your ads you can use a Callout extension.

Best practices for callout extensions is to have at least 3 run at a time.

Structured snippet
Structured snippet extensions let you list out services, brands, courses or other more detailed information below your ad.

Encourage calls to your business

Encourage ad viewers to send you text messages from your ads

Show business information (store hour, location, etc.)

Affiliate location
Show affiliate locations

Show prices of your products or services

App extensions encourage the download of your app

Show special sales or offers

By utilizing as many of these ad extensions as are relevant to your business you can help increase the effectiveness of your ads. At times the use of ad extensions can improve the ad position and click through rate of your ads.

Note: Google elects to show ad extensions as they see fit and they are shown at random. You can go into the ad extension section of Google ads to view specific performance metrics.

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