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When we all work together, the pie gets bigger. Work with us to make your clients that much happier.

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Why partner with Polar Advertising?

You Win

  • We do all the heavy lifting for you. Our team will sell the advertising services for you.

  • Customers with a succesful ad campaign are more likely to stick with their current providers.

  • You get to focus on your core offering while we handle ours. Win win!

Customers Win

  • After managing campaigns from all across the business landscape we know how to make an advertising campaign a success.

  • Marketing dollars become tied to true customer conversion.

  • Open and transparent reporting means we work together with customers to keep them happy!

We Win

  • The more we specialize and work together the more success both us and our partners will have.

  • We truly believe that specialization means everyone wins.

  • Customers reffered by our partners tend to stay with us longer, so we love our partner program!

How to partner with us?

Step 1:
Contact Us

Send us your information to get the ball rolling. One of our partner account managers will reach out to start the discussion.

Step 2:
Discuss Program

Once you connect with our partner account manager, we'll walk through the nitty gritty details and explain all the benefits.

Step 3:
Sign as Partner

After everyone is on board and satisfied we sign the contracts and paperwork to start referring customers and growing each other's businesses.

Partner with us!

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